If you have no money, want to “co-venture” everything, do not have the ability to remember what you asked for from one meeting to the next -- despite written, approved AA meeting reports, no understanding of your business, and are the spokesmodel for the Peter Principle, read on...

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be: Shortsighted, closed-minded, have no attention span or focus and always yells and throws things. Also always wants to renegotiate fees, does not want to pay for never-ending changes and always says, “the check is on the way.”
We also look for those who set up meetings and then don't show, don't call, don't care, but still expect an impossible deadline to be beat. You might be just the type that we have described.

Actually, now that we think about it, we are really looking for exactly the opposite of the above. And we know you don't meet the above qualifications, or you wouldn't have read this far!

We would love to meet you, present capabilities and experiences in person! Please contact us now.

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