Tony sketch by Ray
I would like to express my humble appreciation and gratitude to our friends, clients and associates for their kind words.

Considering the frenzied, stressful state that seems to unnecessarily accompany some business relations, I often find a payment not as rewarding as a sincere "atta-boy"!

Tony N. Todaro
President & Creative Director

David Bachrach
Vice President
International Management
Systems Corp.

"On behalf of everyone at IMS, I wanted to take the opportunity to personally thank you and your team for the tremendous effort and creativity you provided in helping IMS remake its image for the new millennium.

"From the design of our new corporate logo to the redesign and launch of the new IMS web site, and last but not least, the creation of the glamorous new corporate and consultant marketing brochures. Throughout the different phases of this project you provided the creative and consulting expertise we needed, all the while maintaining the highest standards of quality and keeping the project under budget.

"Based upon the excellent results you achieved be assured that IMS will continue to be a long-term client of Todaro Communications."

William C. Martin, Jr.
Vice President
Platforms Wireless International Corp.

"...I would like to thank you for the absolutely wonder products that you have provided our Company. from the collateral to the Web site, you have unilaterally provided PWI with a product that we are not only pleased with, but proud to present to our clients and shareholders.

"The Company has received nothing but positive feedback concerning our web site the site has helped to provide our Company with a realistic informational and user-friendly window into our company, which allows our shareholders and clients alike the ability to become intimately familiar with our capabilities within the telecommunications marketplace.

"Your patience, advice and wealth of knowledge were vital to finishing our products in a timely fashion. You accepted our "need it yesterday" demands and always provided a top-notch product every time.

"I again thank you for your assistance and professionalism, and hope to continue our working relationship in the future."

Rick Mendoza, 
Rick's Travel, Inc.

"Tony, Just saw the fruits of all of your labors. The opening page is really looking great. But the special "repositioning 6 night" cruise is outstanding.! ... Thank you, Tony. You are very talented! Regards to you both, Rick"

Patrick Casey,
Apple Computer
Cupertino, CA
“WOW holy smoke, Tony really nice WEB pages! Well I can see already Apple needs to hire you as a consultant to better deliver their new message.”

Andre Pauquin,
General Manager,
Creative Director
Benchmark Group
Cincinnati, OH
“Tony has been an asset in training and managing our employee base on Macintosh (design) computers. I’ve never met anyone quite like him. His energy and excitement about the Mac is obvious and his knowledge is awesome.

I highly recommend that you consider him as a valuable resource...”

Dana Smart,
Reissue Coordinator
“Dear Tony, (Your packaging redesign for the Marvin Gaye CD's and cases)... look Great! Thank you!”

John Frederick,
Chairman of the Board
FMS AudioBooks
“The overall look and design of the package (for our audio book series) is first rate, marvelous, and many other adjectives I can think of. A great deal of credit goes to you, so here it is. Jack Weiner, author of A NEW DAY, joins us in all these happy sentiments.

Rest assured we will be back and will be looking forward to working with you again at the earliest opportunity."

Ben Harrison,
Vice President,
Golden American Network
Beverly Hills, CA
“Tony has consistently provided the highest level of expertise, creativity, performance and personal ... support in print and audio visual tools of electronic publishing to our company.

Tony has an understanding of people and organizations in such a way as to always get results. He performs under deadline and literally does what it takes to finish a project on time.

Once finished, he doesn’t just drop it in a client’s lap; he represents us as a client in all areas of cost-impact with vendors. Consequently costs are kept to a minimum, we are kept aware of the wide and otherwise often confusing options with production and services vendors in areas of pricing as well as quality.

We recommend him.”

Doug Hector,
Vice President,
West Coast Operations
“With Interbrand, Tony was charged with initiating the graphics and design department ...which includes the acquisition of computer graphics systems, traditional art production medias, as well as the identification of the West Coast freelance artist network and hiring of permanent staff. His management experience in pricing and bidding projects should additionally help keep us as profitable as possible.

On the basis of Tony's expertise on Macintosh computers and his willingness to share information, I am sure we will all be able to grow faster into this era of desktop publishing and computer generated graphics. His personal contacts will assist us to better understand the goals and needs of clients ... in developing sophisticated worldwide projects.”

Chuck Smith
Museum of Flying
Santa Monica Airport, CA
“Thanks for all your help with the (Warbird And Classic Aircraft & Memorabilia) Catalog. I’ve had nothing but compliments. We learned a lot, I look forward to working together again.”

Scott J. Bornstein
Educator, Author
Ready, Set, Read!
“ To Tony N. Todaro, Thank you for untying this Gordian knot and turning what could have been a cacophony into a symphony. Your adroitness in electronic publishing is unrivaled.”

YOU OUR NEXT CLIENT! Your Success Story coming soon!
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