Client: Mattel Toys

The Todaro Design Group has worked with Mattel Toys at their world Headquarters in El Segundo California since 1989, enjoying Preferred Vendor primarily in the PACKAGE DESIGN GROUP.
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Tony is very experienced with the Disney brand and has worked on projects from Snow White, Lion King, dozens of Disney Infant and PreSchool color and packaging projects for Mattel.

Tony developed the redesign of the DISNEY PACKAGING appearance in the form a Multi-color RAINBOW, personally executed all Computer Design and Illustration and wrote a "white paper" Style Guide for designers around the world. He handled the color studies including testing variations of film output for overseas printing. Final film was generated under Tony's supervision and appears on over $100 million of Mattel packages in the Disney Infant, PreSchool, Core and Entertainment categories.

Todaro Design handled production of a wide variety of other popular projects, including toy package production for the Sly Stalone movie "DEMOLITION MAN" and packaging color studies for THE FLINTSTONES MOVIE from Universal/Amblin/Turner.

Other projects for Mattel have included design and production of the K-MART HOLIDAY BUYERS GUIDE for Mattel with MasterCard cross-promotion.

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