The Sonic Jet Investment Opportunity Video


TCI works in concert with company officials, to strategize, author, and supervise target-market videos. TCI has produced videos for Investment Opportunities, other corporate projects infomcercials and instructional videos. We develop these in association with veteran video producers that have expertise appropriate to your company or product needs.

  1. Allows potential investors to meet and hear from company officials who are interviewed at to the viability and benefits of The Opportunity.
  2. We demonstrate the product in real or recreated situations.
  3. We interview real users to provide testimonals about the product or company.
  4. We author and work with professional video post-production facilities, create a "mini-move" (typically 6-8 minutes for the investment).
  5. We can also shoot still photography at the same time to maximize your inventory of images while keeping costs nominal.
  6. We can also shoot additional footage for use in sales or other future marketing assignments, as an economic measure.
  7. TCI has a network of qualified vendors to produce cost-effective DVDs, CDs and VHS tapes for distribution.

Interviews of company officers Product use in action. Testimonials

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