Client List (Public)  
Natura Science   A health and wellness company with products and programs to improve consumers heath natually. Shaquille O'Neil and Dick Gregory are endorsees. TCI developed their brand identity, collateral, web site, and consults on various marketing.

The Greenward Group   Investment and Financial resources. TCI redesigned their website to a more user-friendly interface and consults on the branding strategy for clients.

SPAWAR /DOD   Todaro Communications is proud to have been selected by SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego (SSC SD) to strategize, author, develop, test and launch the new web sites for the information and online training of their AADS and EPLRS-DR communication systems. TCI works in conjunction with L-3 TItan Communications on these endeavors. These projects are defense-sensitive, and the sites are behind government firewalls.

LosCon   LosCon 36 is the annual Los Angeles Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. TCI stategized the design personally with the co-chairs of the event and developed graphics for the website and print collateral. The site, at launch, was 61 pages, the largest for a convention of its type. Mr. Todaro is also programming the Writer's Stream of panels for the convention, which will feature best-selling authors and perrenial favorites.

Los Angeles Valley College Media Arts Department   Los Angeles Valley College and its extensive Media Arts Department are located in the heart of the Southern California entertainment industry, offering comprehensive programs and Associate Degrees in Broadcasting, Cinema, and Media Arts. TCI has been awarded a grant to strategize and develop the brand identity for these programs, author material and a world-class web site in a marketing effort to strategically position the department with other colleges and universities offering similar classes and programs.

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society   TCI developed the brand identity, marketing materials and web portal for The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring writers of all levels of expertise and disciplines. This included extensive consultation, a new logo, marketing message, graphics, sourcecode authoring and more.

Imperial Paving   One of Southern California's oldest and largest company that provides street and parking lot paving, stripping and related services to hundreds of city governments and major corporations, such a supermarket chains. TCI strategized their new websites and brochures, including design, prinicipal photography, productions, additional copywriting, website and print supervision.

Illustrators & Matte Artists, Local 790 IATSE   The Members of Local 790 are the artists whose skill and imagination help create some of the most stunning images, thrilling action, incredible characters, intricate props, otherworldly vistas, and dynamic sequences that grace the visual media that we enjoy. Their work spans the entire visual entertainment spectrum from Film and Television through to Video and Computer Games. It can be seen as special features on DVD's, in print as Posters and in Books, and as content on Websites. TCI strategized their new websites, including the design and authoring of the public section and secure Member's Section, Forums and on-going site maintenance.

Set Designers & ModelMakers, Local 847 IATSE   TCI strategized their new websites, including the design and authoring of the public section and secure Member's Section, Forums and on-going site maintenance.

The HD Company
  Strategic Marketing consultation and professional services for a company that develops affordable housing and helps first time buyers become homeowners. The company also is engaged in an on-going process to educate homeowners how to invest in other projects, including homes, businesses, and other real estate ventures to build wealth and income.

LASFS   The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society is the oldest organization of its kind in the world. Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison and thousands of other writers, artists, fans, and industry-related professionals are all a part of LASFS's proud heritage. TCI was proud to have been chosen to strategize and develop the club's new brand identity and design of its prestigious website, however as of 2008, the site was being modified in-house and no longer reflects the original design.

The RJ Noble Company   California's leading company in the production, manufacturing, engineering and recycling of asphalt products with over fifty years of experience.TCI created a new corporate website for the company which includes their history, operations and much more. The site also provides the company's daily trucker and foreman schedules and secure access to their network of cameras at various production sites.

The San Diego Science Fiction and Fantasy Society & Convention   San Diego California's oldest and longest running science fiction and fantasy convention is a non-profit for the protection and preservation of the California Condor. The convention is called ConDor Con. TCI created the website, complete with convention information, application forms, news updates, featured guest profiles and much more. TCI also developed the artwork for use in cross-media advertising, brochures, banners, t-shirts, etc.

Reserve Petroleum California,
Reserve Petroleum, USA
  Investment firm that specializes in the development of existing oil and gas sites.

Creation of Informational Brochure for investors, extensive website with drilling site new, instantly updated oil and gas prices and news.
Additional consultation and site maintenance.

Hamilton Medical Company   One of the world's formost companies in the manufacturing of syringes, and medical testing devices; America and Europe.

TCI consulted with company executives to develop the new packaging for their $25M syringe division.
Additional consultation on other long-term company initiatives.

The Bead Society of
Los Angeles
  The oldest organization of its kind in the country. TCI authored the non-profit organization's new website and maintains it for them.

Sanbar Kennels   We really went to the dogs— but first class. This thirty-year old firm breeds and trains championship Brittanys that have won (at various times) Best of Show and Best of Breed at the famous Westminster, Ukanuba, and hundreds of other major dog shows.

Material Systems Engineering   Creation of new Brand Identity, marketing campaign, trade shows, corporate and product brochures for Industry-leading engineering and production company of sanitary conveyor systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Right Properites, Inc.   Creation of Brand Identity and corporate collateral for new California developer of land and housing.

Jet Airways   International freight forwarder based in North America. On-going client. TCI consults with owners, authoring web site based on existing collateral design. Assignment included repurposing collateral to keep brand identity look for web presence, PDF download capability of collateral, and linking system coordination to online order tracking worldwide system. Maintains website and consults on marketing issues.
CTI-TECH International   TCI strategized and authored North American branding logo and collateral for database company jointly owned in US and Austria with facilities in Europe and Ghana.

Pacific Jet Website Pacific Jet Brochure   TCI authored new, world-class web site, supervised new photography of client offices, aircraft facilities; and authored national advertising and Corporate Brochure in association with Heller & Associates.

Jet West   TCI updated and reauthored new, world-class web site for Heller & Associates.

Aisin Holdings, Inc.,
Aisin World Corp. of America
  World's largest manufacturer of automotive transmissions, also extensive parts and products for most major automotive manufacturers, $12 billion world sales, based in Japan. TCI worked with North American Headquarters. TCI directly consuled to upper management of North American Holding company(AHA). TCI authored new corporate, brand-building web site for holding company and seven North American manufacturing facilities. Also developed positioning and wrote copy, supervised web site.

Sonic Jet Performance   Veteran marine company owns dozens of patents on automotive and marine craft; builds mission-specific fire & rescue and law enforcement craft for municipalities and governments. TCI consults with top management to strategize and author Investment Collateral, create new brand positioning for company reflecting humanitarian and homeland defense mission and vision of the company. Produced investment video.

The Cris Group   Asian company generating $10 million in leather purses, gloves, handbags,etc. Company desired American image. TCI created brand identity of I.D. Leather, strategized American name, logo, brand position in order to sell product into major department and chain stores.

Platforms Wireless International
  A convergence technology company manufacturing and operating low-level satellites, contracts with international telecommunications companies. TCI worked with executive management and investment group to create Investment collateral, new brand identity with unique logo, produced Corporate Video. Authored world-class Brand Building web site with investor relations information, videos, slide shows, in-depth product overview. TCI bridged the brand identity from the collateral to the web site.

Intrafitt Web Site Intrafitt Branding   Nutrition and Fitness Science-based company, the international preferred vendor to Gold's Gym and other major sports and health clubs. TCI strategized with executive management to create a new brand identity for the company, including logo, brand position, posters, gym owner brochures, etc. TCI also authored a website that not only bridged the brand equity from the collateral to the website. TCI also planned and supervised the company's trade show booth and presence at the International Convention in Maimi, FL.

Heritage Escrow   Largest independently-owned Escrow Company in California with over $1 billion is business annually. TCI consults to upper management and authoring of new, world-class company collateral and brochures, phase one of new web site. (work-in-progress) TCI bridged the brand identity from the collateral to the web site.

THE IMS - 30+ year Information Technology Resource Company and one of California's largest IT HR resource. TCI consulted to top management to update IMS' Corporate Branding, authored world-class web site, new collateral for corporate presentation and HR resource recruitment brochures. Strategic Consultation on logo, client and consultant collateral Branding. TCI bridged the brand identity from the collateral to the web site . Added PDFs of collateral to site for web download and client printing.

Jet Airways   International freight forwarder based in North America. TCI consults with owners, authoring web site. based on existing collateral design. Assignment included repurposing collateral to keep brand identity look for web presence, PDF download capability of collateral, and linking system coordination to online order tracking worldwide system.

Technology company with new Automatic Banking Machines, and holding company owning other public technology companies. TCI worked with to management and investment group to strategically develop very successful investment collateral, including copywriting, photo direction, pre-press supervision of World-Class Five-Color Brochure for Private Placement Stock Offering -- which sold out. Authored target market text from personal consultation, company financials, arranged live, new photography of product and identified budget-saving stock photography. Complete production, computer special effects, prepress supervision. Winning strategy, designs and copy has been repurposed into two websites: One Corporate Brand Building for Greenland Corporation, and one Retail Brand Building targeting prospects for Check Central, Inc.

The West Coast's oldest and most renown manufacturer of Pasquini Espresso Machines and importer of LaCimbali fine Espresso Machines & Bars. Equipment for Restaurant, Office and Home.
TCI worked with upper management to produce Strategic Design, Marketing Consultation and Authoring of World-Class Brand Building and Electronic Commerce Web Site. Additional web site sections on their 1883 Routin syrup lines, expansion of the Espresso Machine lines to include professional restaurant equipment on-line.

Producers of the "Toys for Big Boys" and Girls Expo™, a national series of upscale lifestyle expositions open to the public. The fall 1999 show in Long Beach, California is sponsored by American Express and supported by Millionaire Magazine and an extensive media campaign. TCI strategized and designed Logo for company and logo for events. Full color poster and dynamically ongoing web site. for each expo. Company purchased by larger producer of shows internationally.

One of the top ten ISPs in California. The company merged into another larger ISP.

TCI strategized new slogan "Empowering Today's People with Tomorrow's Technology", used in collateral, phone messaging. Developed new world-class Corporate Logo and "look" for collateral, business cards, folders. Strategic consultation and copywriting.

Riviera Imaging
Nationally award-winning state-of-the-art photo finisher of the year, specializing in digital imaging, 1-Hour Photo Studio, Kodak Photo CD, Digital Retouching, APS, AGFA Color Balance Developing, and more. TCI authored print & Internet media, designed 4-color regional ads. Strategized web site. with Brand Building positioning, plus customer call-to-action specials. Continual work on web site.

Rick's Travel
Authored Web Site and Marketing Strategy for major Travel company serving Corporate Southern California. Their executive service program has everything you need to do business anywhere in the world.
The leisure and cruise vacations section has new information updated regularly. You may search for air fares, hotels, auto, etc., and order travel on-line at the best rates with the finest service. Visit Flights and Fares for extra special deals.

Multi-Award winning Jewelry Artist. TCI created the design of Logo, authored an E-commerce web site., collateral, art-show booth, signage. Web site updates.

Original Artist.Com
On-line E-commerce Mall and Art Galleries with individual shops: complete package including strategy, site design and maintenance.

Craft Resources
Web site design for Craftsperson company, including on-line forms for Employment Applications, Security Section for Client Time Sheets, Field Availability Categories.

Beach Jam
Complete Event Marketing Consultation, Public Relations, Event Graphics, print ads, street banners, T-shirt design, posters, handout flyers and press releases. We also designed everything from the actual tickets to the stage security passes. We bid and managed all print vendors. Designed straight-ahead web site. with event information and on-line ticket ordering. Our Event Company TNT Events also handled talent coordination, music management, MCs, Stage Management and production design & aspects.

West Coast Metric
Strategic Design and Authoring of World-Class Web Site. One of the World's Largest Manufacturers of Restoration Parts for Volkswagens. Complete On-line Catalogs, Commerce Ordering, Specials and cross-promotions with their other magazine and appearance advertising. They also sell Original Automotive Art Posters, T-shirts and much more! All can be ordered on-line. Design of full color new magazine ads, 1998 consumer slogan, new marketing expansions to include the New and Concept Beetles. For 1998, a marketing upgrade to the web site., including exciting Java graphics, automotive sounds, animated Sales Marquees and the additional of nine sections of "monthly specials." This is a large site for a fun, profitable client.

Direct Supplies
Designed Web Site, presence with complete on-line Electronic Commerce; Logo, Corporate collateral, original logo, stationery and contracts.
Direct Supplies is a resource for great prices on a wide selection of name brand and quality supplies, toner and ink jet cartridges, tape and data disks, printer ribbons, maintenance kits and replacement parts for your home, office and business with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a specialist in service, maintenance contracts, repairs, parts in most brands of LaserWriters printers and copiers.

Formerly largest nightclub in the South Bay of Los Angeles showcasing major talent. TCI authored web site design and weekly maintenance for the top live entertainment venue in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Website includes Java Marquee of name attractions, calendars, talent bio links and a dynamic map for locations and directions.

Adcom Express
Web site design, logo and graphic enhancements. Brand-Building corporate foundation site.

Medical research company. Reworked previous agency's Product Monograph, technical writers computer translation for typesetting, final layout and design. Designed book to fit in printed kit. Coordinated kit with printer 1987.

Anne Cole
Anne Cole Collection, Anne Cole Locker, Cole of California, Cole America for 1996 Olympics. Success Stories available!

Apple Blossom
Designed Web Site and Markting Strategy of Major platform for Environmental, Children & Family, Multi-Cultural Media, World-Wide Shopping, and Business-To-Business Equipment Finance and Leasing.

Apple Computer
Macintosh Seed Site for Laserwriters and Scanners. Also continues to offer Free! Macintosh consultation to all clients as Your Mac's Best Friend.

Mr. Todaro defined strategy, designed, art directed, produced and managed print for the 1995 Full color Master Swimwear Catalog for Authentic Fitness Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, including Catalina, Anne Cole, Oscar de la Renta and Sunset Beach. Strategic design and conception of LIVE IN IT! anthem / slogan used for Wal-Mart in-store signing and national billboards for Catalina Sportswear and Catalina Swimwear including the slogan, photography, graphic design concepts and project management. An extensive case development study is available for personal presentation.

Creative Director, Los Angeles, as well as Computer Graphic and Information Systems Manager for The Benchmark Group providing consultation to Mattel Toys Merchandising Group [Barbie Lane In-Store Graphics, Fixtures & System], Procter & Gamble [Vidal Sassoon, Folgers] and many others.
Mr. Todaro traveled monthly between management and creative facilities in Los Angeles, CA; Westport, CT; and Cincinnati, OH providing design consultation and design development with art directors and designers; and client consulation to major international companies.

Laundry Disks: Complete Strategic Design Positioning, Naming and Packaging for new environmentally-safe product into American retail market. Detailed case study available in person.

Retail and Corporate Collateral Original Anthem [Slogans] concepts, visual designs, marketing direction development, complete design, production prepress and press management of in-bank brochures and posters. Detailed case study available in person

Sell Sheet for Mickey Mouse Pad. Concept, design development presented in rounds, computer production and print for CES in five days! Special thanks to James Lisardi and Graphics Plus. Detailed case study available in person.

Audio Books
Mr. Todaro provided strategic target identification and full color designs for the Audio Book Series “The New Day Trilogy.” Based on the Bantam best-selling series, FMS Productions recorded abridged book versions with celebrities including Louis Gossett Jr. and Liza Minnelli in 1993. Created an “umbrella look” for the series and a full color wrap for retail store maximum shelf impact. Tony coordinated and managed the cassette and packaging print vendors.

Gauthiér Salon
and Spa
New Logo, Color Study, Company Stationery and collateral. Detailed case study available soon in person.

1993 - Commissioned as the independent Creative and Design Director for The Golden American Network, a new broadcast corporation. After an extensive research project into the target market, Tony identified and designed a definitive look, including: fonts, color palates and graphics for the on-air Golden American Film Classics, Golden American Television, maturity-interest specials and magazine design. Tony created the Golden American Film Logo reinforcing an international corporate communication company image, also providing direct mail marketing consultation, collateral design experience and computer graphic design for their monthly magazine, image concept magazine advertising and media kits. He was the Macintosh consultant of record, teaching in-house personnel in computer production of print collateral, from initial comps through Electronic Pre-press and press. He also managed prepress and press. He literally created the look for the network, including new, non-existent shows, season roll-outs, trade-show presentations.


Guitar Center
1975-1986. One of the original Management Team for 10 1/2 years, largest retail musical instrument chain. Major member in developing national company awareness, Brand position. Set sales records and helped expansion from 3 to 12 stores, Managed and/or Opened 7 locations. Advertising and Print Production Director. Developed full color magazine, monthly Newsletters, Buyers Guides. Developed direct mail program, largest in M.l. Industry. Coordinated special purchases with planned promotions and print production. Bid printers, binders, shippers, all facets of in-store tags, newsletters, magazines. Involved in all aspects of producing Grand Openings and media events. Raised circulation from 80,000 to 250,000 monthly of buyer's guides through direct mail management salesmen training and in-store POP promotions. Managed, hired and trained in-house production staff, created advertising concepts and target marketing. Hired and trained own replacement, including department management, color control, time line planning, prepress and press check supervision.

Defined strategy, naming, market position, designed logos and graphics, color of brush study, retail and infomercial packaging, sales sheets, art direction, production and prepress management for the HairFlexTM Styling Brush. Todaro also specified all printing and plastic mold requirements, managed and approved prepress. Detailed case study available in person.

Mr. Todaro was previously West Coast Creative Director and Computer Consultant for Interbrand, one of the world’s largest branding and identity companies. Tony participated in many projects including direct consultation and involvement in the client presentation team renaming Epson computers world-wide, projects for Mattel, Vidal Sassoon, and many others.

For the 1996 Gutenberg Print Festival, Tony designed, wrote and managed pre-press for the J.E. Halliday Sales, Inc.J.E. Halliday Sales, Inc., color brochure. Halliday is the largest distributor of print presses, folders, trimmers, bindery and printing accessories in Southern California. Designed and wrote the company profile, market position, brands and suggestive selling color brochure for the 1996 and 1997 Gutenberg Print Festival in Long Beach.
Live on the convention floor, the catalog Tony created was sheet-fed printed, folded, saddle-stitched, trimmed and distributed to the print trade. Halliday was the most successful exhibitor at the show.

Assignment: 1996 Olympic Swimwear 25"x36" poster. Client: Cole of America Swimwear. Responsible for Concept, photography, original design, special effects, prepress management, coordination with JCPenney corporate.

Design of 3-D Video Graphics, new Strategic Marketing Brochure and original Web Site for Kingsfield Environmental Industries. The graphic elements were created at two resolutions: high for quality print reproduction and lo-rez gifs for quick Internet downloading.

Web Site of the Institute for Suicide Prevention. Design and consultation to the Board of Directors. The site includes details of their Survivors of Suicide Groups and Young Adult Programs. You can help this important cause by contributing through the site, as well.

& Associates
New Corporate Identity. Complete collateral including new logo in full color, 2-color; all stationery, external forms and folders for clients, internal forms for staff. Strategy and design of new Website to not only expand on-line awareness, but to add downloadable forms for clients, thus becoming more convenient and save on unnessessary print costs.

Marshank Sales
The oldest Distributor of High End and Fine Electronic Gear to California Recording Studios, Radio & Television Station, Music and High End Stereo Retailers. Write, design, manage prepress and press of periodic Newletters.

Marvin's Place
Client: Syndicorp. 1986 - Marvin Gaye’s personal recording studio, Hollywood. Created Marketing, Visual Strategy, Public Relation Promotions and executed concept “Marvin’s Place”, a re-introduction of MarvinGaye’s personal studio for public recording.

Responsible for Grand re-openning and public relations: produced studio rededication event with many Hollywood artists, entertainment media and attending recording industry dignitaries. Media event responsibilities included hiring staff to coordinate with Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Mayor's Office of Los Angeles, writing press releases, media coverage, catering and security, Motown co-promotion.

Responsible for event budgets, developed client data base. Designed all collateral, advertising sales kit, sales mailing and client list system, prepared for prepress, identified vendors and managed print.

Tony has been a Preferred Vendor with Mattel Toys Inc., primarily in the Mattel Package Design Group, since 1989. Tony has worked on literally hundreds of packaging creative, development and production assignments. Successful projects in every brand category from Barbie, Hot Wheels to Disney. Other projects for Mattel have included design and production of the K-Mart Holiday Buyers Guide for Mattel with MasterCard cross-promotion; and toy package production internationally of Demolition Man and packaging color studies for THE FLINTSTONES MOVIE from Universal/Amblin/Turner. Tony designed and developed the Mickey Mouse Pad Sell Sheet for Disney Software taking it from concept to press in one week! Tony was called "the Rainbow Man," having developed the redesign of the Disney packaging appearance in the form a Multi-color Rainbow, personally executed all Computer Design and Illustration and wrote a "white paper" Style Guide for designers around the world. He handled the color studies including testing variations of film output for overseas printing. Final film was generated under Tony's supervision and appears on over $100 million of Mattel packages in the Disney Infant, PreSchool, Core and Entertainment categories. Also, as West Coast Creative Director for The Benchmark Group, Tony worked with Merchandising Services on Barbie Lane In-Store Displays, Disney Infant and PreSchool signage, Kmart Holiday Toy Buyer's Guide. Success Stories coming soon!

Client assignments presented in person.

& MoJazz
Repackaging and redesign music CDs for artists, including Marvin Gaye and The Jazz Crusaders. A special thanks to Kathlene Blakistone and Graphics Plus. Success Stories coming soon!

Museum of Flying
Target Market Catalog for multi-million dollar auction.
Success Stories coming soon!

Chenice of
Beverly Hills
For manufacturer of Beauty Salon products, a strategic authoring of website.

1988 - MUSICMAKER PUBLICATIONS. Commissioned by Music Maker Publications to redesign their American publications, establish production standards, hire and train in-house staff to produce the magazines. Creative Director for Home and Studio Recording Magazine. Supervised, creative control and hired crew producing American edition. Redesigned magazine look, department logo/icons, feature stories and reviews. Coordinated staff on editorial, printer callouts, proofing color key and blue line.

Supervised, creative control and hired crew producing American edition. Redesigned magazine look, department logo/icons, feature stories and reviews. Coordinated staff on editorial, printer callouts, proofing color key and blue line.

Music Technology Magazine: Cover art direction. Designed ads used in other national publications to increase circulation.

Designed new RHYTHM Magazine logo & four-color cover look and specifications to increase magazine rack sales.

Client assignments discussed and presented in person.

An illustrated children’s learning system with 12 audio cassettes and large in-depth workbook. Design, production, pre-press and press consultation. (see testimonial)

Syncronys Softcorp, a major software company’s full color sell sheet design expansions for COMDEX 1996. Design developments based on the original packaging for CD Speedster, WinKrypt and BurnIt; special thanks to RJ Young Design. Also original design of program icons, splash screens, program animations and menu icons for both MAC and WIN95 platforms. On-going design & support, working with top company management.

Package design, in-store tags, display headers for Speedo America® products including the Speedo Power Sports Bra and the Surf Runner Radio. Success Stories coming soon!

Detailed case study available in person

W.W. Irwin
Corporate video logo, titles, graphics & animation

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